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The Basics of Probation in Criminal Defense Matters in Las Vegas

Today, we will discuss probation in Nevada, some of the consequences of probation and the violations that often send people to jail. As stated above, probation is an alternative to jail time. A judge can enforce probation in lieu of sending a person to jail. While probation is not an option for certain crimes — murder, kidnapping, rape — the court can grant probation for gross misdemeanors and felonies.

What Matters in Probation

Under Nevada law, probation for a misdemeanor lasts up to three years and up to five years for a felony. If a person gets a probation sentence, the program comes with consequences and conditions such as the following:. A probation violation occurs when a person fails to adhere to the terms of the probation. Common probation violations in Las Vegas include:.

What Matters in Probation

Upon violation of probation, the judge can issue a bench warrant, and the person can be arrested by the police, or required to appear in court. Probation is associated with good behavior and is much like a rehabilitation program. However, studies reveal that minor infractions often send people back behind bars. Studies such as these sparks a discussion for improvement in community supervision programs within the criminal justice system. A study in a Los Angeles Times report shows that many people fail probation and go back to jail or prison issue to conduct that would be legal for a person not on probation — eating lunch with a friend who has a criminal record, for instance.

Another article in PEW states that 4.

This number represents twice the amount of people incarcerated in state and federal prisons and local jails. And, between and , the probation population rose 24 percent. Adrian Lobo is an experienced Las Vegas criminal defense lawyer who understands that jail time can be a terrifying experience. Without qualified legal help, a person can be taken advantage of and given the strictest penalties available.

Charge: Driving Under the Influence while also being undocumented. Received a reduced charge sentence by the Superior Court of California. Attempt murder charges were dismissed and case negotiated to possession of a firearm by a prohibited person. State dismissed the charges. Close Preview. Toggle navigation Additional Book Information.

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Description Table of Contents Editor s Bio. Summary The What Works initiative is having a profound impact on the work of the National Probation Service, and much has been invested in new accredited programmes - both in terms of the numbers of offenders planned to complete these programmes and their anticipated impact upon offending.

Yet there has been little scholarly or professional discussion of the nature and risks of the new paradigm: it is important that it is subjected to critical debate and scrutiny. This book aims to provide a critical overview of What Works, providing a wider set of perspectives on a project which is vital for the future of the National Probation Service.

1st Edition

Table of Contents 1. The origins of What Works in England and Wales: a house built on sand?

The barking dog? Getting tough or being effective: what matters? Supervision, motivation and social context: what matters most when probationers desist?

Purposes matters: examining the ends of probation - Enlighten: Publications

Community reintegration: for whom? What Works and the globalisation of punishment talk, Anne Worrall. Request an e-inspection copy. Share this Title.

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