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Wonder how much time you need to deliver your speech or presentation? Don't know how to format the bibliography page in your paper? Use this converter to calculate how many pages a certain number Create a strong thesis statement with our online tool to clearly express It focuses on several inequalities in the relation between John and his wife. It was published for the first time in in a New England magazine and is considered to be one of the earliest and essential feminist literary pieces in America.

The story illustrates the physical as well as the mental deterioration of women during the 19 century due to a medically prescribed treatment of being allowed to do nothing. Gilman created a very effective fictional narrative based on her personal experience with depression, and this had a strong impact on other women.


This story was written to condemn the sexual politics which make the medical treatment prescribed possible. The story is critically acclaimed because it brings into focus the unequal relationship the males and females in the society. The male gender is perceived to dominate society while the female gender is not given the space to make decisions independently of men.

John does not respect his wife, and so he treats her like one of his children by calling her a little girl. This makes the wife dislike her house. To her, the environment seems too isolated, making her unhappy. The story portrays women in Western society as deprived of their rights. They have nowhere to exercise their personal freedoms, and they feel belittled by the male counterparts.

He believes that his wife should depend solely on him for almost everything. This is why this story has enjoyed such popularity, mostly by women who feel that they deserve a better place in the society, that they need space to exercise their creativity and productivity.

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Women feel they have strong potential and the ability to do anything, just like men do, and they should not depend on men for everything. Rather, they should depend on men as much as men depend on women. Women should have their decisions respected, and no one should dismiss their ideas. Instead, ideas should be shared and debated, regardless of gender. Moreover, men should support women as equals rather than belittle them.

They are not supposed to be anywhere near the political arena or in the public eye. Instead, they should remain in their homes. Forgotten password. Invalid email address! Back to Login. Summer Program Reviews College Reviews. Writers Workshop Regular Forums. Program Links Program Reviews.

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The Yellow Wallpaper By Charlotte Perkins Gilman

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The Yellow Wallpaper Analysis

This article has 6 comments. Email me when someone replies. Post comment. JennaH said This is her way expressing her personal experience and her child did not die she just can't take proper care of the child. Mary is looking after the child. She isn't exactly in an institution she's in a rented mansion that her husband John got for her sake for "fresh air" and a lot of "rest".

She has been prescribed the "rest cure" treatment which was an infamous treatment in her time created by S. Weir Mitchell.

Literary and Critical Analysis of the Yellow Wallpaper Essay

This is important because John did threaten to send her to him in the novel and she was prescribed his treatment After the novel was published he changed the way he treated his female patients.. Look carefully at how John is treating her and how she can't have an opinion, instead of calling her by her name "Jane" he calls her "little girl" and "silly little goose" sure it may seem loving but as soon as she tries to talk to him on an equal level he immediately does not allow her to keep his "superior role". He comments more on her physique, food and sleep saying she looks "much better" rather than wondering how she actually feels, she may look alright but she may not feel alright.

Her freedom at the end is short lived as he will end up waking up and try to oppress her again. Try to look more carefully into it and re-read it a few times, you can easily miss out points, if you also look at her wiki she is a utopian feminist. Sorry for the bombardment of text. Report Abuse. Karbear said Honestly I don't believe that the yellow wallpaper is a feminist story at all.

I believe that this story is about a woman whose baby died and that's why she is going insane, that's also why shes being held in an institution because they don't want her to find out that the baby died and send her spiraling down into a pit of more severe depression and self hatred.

The Critical Analysis on the Yellow Wall Paper

A very interesting review with many key elements discussed. NeesiPratt said I believe this article is superb! I am currently writing a paper on the feminists' struggles that r prominent in The Yellow Wallpaper and this will assist me a lot. I absolutely love this! II class, and it was honestly rather similar to this.

I wish I'd found your critique beforehand, because it is a condensed artical featuring all of the major points. It would have been an amazing reference.

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