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Read "Longarm Longarm and the Unwelcome Woolies" by Tabor Evans available from Rakuten Kobo. Longarm is one sure-shooting shepherd.

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Rest in Jesus , Lorelle. You always have a rema word at the right time. I yearn for that day to come! Sometime I get discouraged but God want let me give up. Hi Joanne, thank you for your encouraging words. I say yes and amen, never too late, your Father is faithful! Thank you for sharing. I needed this confirmation. Sometimes we want things so bad, that we fell to see to understand that, that particular job, man, house,car, is not for us.

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If we stop and allow God to lead us.. It is then that we will get what our hearts truly desire…Thank you for the wise words. Hi Tina, yes that is so true.

I love the thought that Holy Spirit can direct and adjust our desires. Thank you! Thank you for all that you do and may the Lord Jesus bless you. En ocasiones es duro estar esperando el cumplimiento del llamado,porque mientras llega,suceden cosas que enturbian el mismo llamado…nos desanimamos,a tal grado que en ocasiones queremos tirar la toalla. Aveces he pensado que puede ser la voz del diablo,o bien de mi alma o de mi espiritu humano y reprendo en el nombre de Jesus dichas voces, y mientras hago mi trabajo.

Y eso mismo nos toca a nosotros hacer.

Mantles of anointing and spiritual authority (Part 1)

Dios nos ayude en ello. Hi Jose, you are so right. Perseverance is vital. God is faithful. But am also reminded of Hebrews 11, the heroes of faith, that the very best, the crowns, the rewards, are not in this life but in eternity. That helps us continue to run when there is no immediate reward in sight. And, Lorelle…I truly appreciate the reminder. God ReachlY bless you.

Spiritual Mantles

Hi Helen, does the mantle have to represent a ministry gift or can it refer to anything Eg. A talent or skill. I feel like I can relate to Joseph in some ways. I have grown up with a strong passion for horses but have never felt sure it was from God because its always been a struggle to move in it — never been encouraged in it, no finances, the industry and people it attracts are tough and it seems Godless. Despite that I have experience and a level of ability that I know God has grown through my short lived experiences.

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I was so afraid I got to the point of feeling like a small bug about to be crushed. Despite the knock backs and asking God to take this from me I find my drive and desire stronger than ever.

Bishop David Oyedepo-Mystery Of The Mantle

Have I misunderstood? You mentioned that desire can be a conformation of His plan among other things. What other confirmations should I look for? When you look at Joseph, his mantle was in the area of leadership and stewardship in the secular realm! So our God-given gifts may also be for the marketplace and skill and talent is an important part of it. Your passion for horses reminds me of my sister. She grew up with a passion and love for dogs. Now, she works for the Guide Dog Association in NZ overseeing the development of puppies that will eventually be trained to assist sight-impaired people.

Is that just as much a God-given mantle as what I am doing in prophetic ministry?

Mantle-of-Glory-Elijah-Spiritual Champion-Calling-MiniMannaMoments

It will eventually come together for you, even though there have been many trials. This was really an encouraging message for me. It has not been easy to accept and live out the calling the Lord has placed on my life. I have learnt though that God always knows best, and as you said He sees the bigger picture and knows exactly what we all need to be equipped for both life and ministry. Hi Helen! Just gone through your teachings about mantle but I know its not same with mentor but just want to tell you about someone telling me that he is my mentor and God has told him my mentor.

But I told him I have not received that from God and that God would have shown me if really his my mentor but he said the case is not always like that , and that God did not reveal to timothy that him paul is his mentor , same to Elijah and Elisha, that all I need is to obey him and things will work out fine for me.

Is that how God choose mentors and is it God that choses mentor for one. Thanx and God bless. Hi Uju, if God was choosing someone to be a mentor to you, you would also know and confirm that was the case. With all prophetic guidance or personal prophecy, it must be confirmation to the person receiving the word. The article is rich and rewarding. Truly, godliness with contentment is great gain. Humility pays. Hello Daizy, thank you for leaving the note, I hope my article has helped you clarify what a mantle is and the wonderful promises of God for your life. Bless you! Gee you are on a roll today Helen.

However the real blessing in this article for me is that I am sure where God is taking me but I can see no earthly way it will happen; and so I wll wait on the Mantle giver and trust His timing. Thanks Gordy. Hello Helen First time on your website. Recently a woman, I admire in the faith, told me God clearly told her I had the gift of Prophecy. I have been on a journey to find exactly what that means and what to do with it.

At the same time, it actually fits with some things I have experienced in my life. All I can say, is that in my gut it is NOT teaching but something more and different. So your article on establishing my mantle even at my late age of 52 was right on. Although I believe I have had this gift for some time, I also believe God needed to get some things out of my life and grow me up spiritually and THEN he established my mantle for this season in my life.

Any advice you have to grow in this gift I would be interested in.

Charisma Magazine

Yes I have written a few articles that hopefully will empower you in your current situation. I have always heard that in order to grow prophetically, and to succeed in the call, you must have a mentor a more Mature Prophet to invest in you and raise you up. Is that true? Are there instances where the only teacher one may have is the Holy Spirit? And the only mantle your receive would be from God himself?

Like Joseph, whose father fashioned his own, uniquely crafted, colourful cloak, your Heavenly Father has a unique, perfectly crafted mantle for you. I agree with this message completely. Can a person have the same mantle if a person that has deceased and went home with the lord fir example like AA allan.

Of course we can receive inspiration and impartation from others too. Thank you I believe that as well it was a minister preaching and stated that you cannot receive a mantle from another person that has decease like Kathryn kulmn. When we review the passage above in context, we see that the author was telling us:.

If you want to receive an impartation of what God has given your spiritual father, you need to live out this passage every day. Emulating your father in every godly way changes you and honors your father. When you do that, God will honor you and bless you with more of the mantle your father carries. What mantle does your father carry that you also desire to have? Ask God for it! A spiritual mantle at its core is the functioning of the Holy Spirit in your life, and Jesus promised that our Father would give us the Holy Spirit for the asking!

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So ask! God honors bold requests. He answers specific prayers.

What is a Mantle?

Jakes, Joyce Meyer, or others. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by asking. You should. Elisha asked Elijah, his spiritual father, for a double portion of his spirit before he was taken to Heaven 2 Kings He got it, too! Ask God for the mantles you desire! Ask Him for the gifts and anointings you desire!

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You can receive the spiritual mantle you desire. Hi, I'm Jamie. Find more encouraging words over on my Facebook page , YouTube channel , or Pinterest account. Would you help me with my work of reaching people for Jesus as a domestic missionary? I need you; we are in this together!