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Earlier she uses a claw hammer to attack him; stabbing him in the back with the claw before whacking him in the head with the hammer.

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In Rambo: Last Blood , when Rambo attacks a Mexican brothel to save Gabrielle, his sole weapon is a common claw hammer that any hardware store carries In the Fighting Fantasy gamebooks and the RPGs based off them, monsters like Stone Golems and Crystal Warriors cannot be harmed by edged weapons and must be destroyed with maces or warhammers. Durnik in The Belgariad , as a blacksmith, wields a hammer.

Later, when he becomes a disciple of Aldur, his silver amulet is decorated with a hammer. His Moment of Awesome just before being handed the amulet was to pulverise a demon lord with guess what weapon. In A Song of Ice and Fire : Robert Baratheon's signature weapon is a large warhammer said to be so heavy that few men were able to lift it.

Robert wields this one-handed with a shield at the Battle of the Trident and kills Rhaegar Targaryen with a blow hard enough to crush his breastplate.

This trait seems to be shared by Robert's bastards. Gendry was trained by a blacksmith, and carries a hammer. Edric Storm was sent a miniature hammer by Robert for his nameday. Similarly, Donal Noye, the one-armed blacksmith of the Night's Watch, uses a warhammer in the battle against the wildings. He also happens to be the person who forged Robert's hammer. Tolkien 's The Silmarillion is a mace in some adaptations, a hammer in others. Not to be confused with the giant wolf-shaped battering ram named after it that features in Return of the King , despite equal massive smashiness.

Drizzt Do'Urden's friend Wulfgar wields a huge magical warhammer called Aegis-fang in battle; aside from him being strong enough and the hammer being powerful enough to stagger a giant when he throws it, it returns to his hands after it's thrown. Later, he wound up with the Dwarven Hammer of Kharas which when used in conjunction with the Silver Hand the returning gods blessed him with as a replacement allowed him to forge new Dragonlances.

Perrin Aybara in Robert Jordan's The Wheel of Time often finds himself choosing between a blacksmith's hammer and a battleaxe, each representing the sides of personality able to create and destroy. In Towers of Midnight , he trades in his blacksmith's hammer for Mah'alleinir , a massive warhammer that is also the first weapon forged with the One Power in three thousand years.

It might look more like a giant crossbow. That fires comets. The Shining 's Jack Torrance is well known for being Ax-Crazy with an actual axe , but his weapon when he finally goes nutso in the original Stephen King novel is a croquet mallet.

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In the Malazan Book of the Fallen verse by Steven Erikson and Ian Cameron Esslemont, the Ascendant Caladan Brood wields a great hammer so badass that it has the power to awaken the sleeping earth goddess Burn whose body is apparently the earth itself. No one wants Brood to Drop The Hammer any time soon Roran's weapon of choice in the Inheritance Cycle. He kills people with it in one go, and ends the day standing on a house-sized pile of bodies.

This earns him the name Roran Stronghammer. The hammer isn't even that special. A picture book called Little Rabbit Foo Foo depicted the rabbit as using a motorcycle and a net to scoop up the various other forest dwellers, and then a hammer to "bop them on the head". In The Reynard Cycle , the smith priests of Fenix the Firebird wield war hammers when they go to battle. A long handled hammer is the weapon of choice for most of the characters in The Runelords books. The description of the weapons, however is somewhere between a medieval poleaxe and a military pick.

When one of them asks Tom out of curiosity what his weapons of choice would be in a duel, he responds with "ten pound sledgehammers". Khynan Rhys Gower, of Time Scout , prefers a war maul for a close quarters weapon. He'll substitute a croquet mallet if he has to. Novak, the anti-hero of the zombie noir Undead on Arrival , uses a small sledgehammer in his offhand.

Additionally, other fighting men are described as carrying "guns and hammers. Grayson Khnum in Void Forge uses a sledgehammer in the first half of the book, and later upgrades to dualwielding it with a warhammer. Jenna Rhodes's Elven Ways has the demonically-infused warhammer, Rakka. Wielded by that world's equivalent of a Tolkien High Man warlord, Rakka can cause a massive shockwave in its first strike, though subsequent attacks grow weaker as the demon inside gets tired. Live-Action TV. Several Power Rangers and Super Sentai characters and mecha have hammers as personal weapons, on the good and bad sides of things.

In a comedic sequence later in the series, Riki pulls out a cartoonish mallet complete with "t" on the side during an attempt to assassinate Otoya. He hesitates because the victim is a good friend, and when the latter notices, Riki claims "I saw a mosquito" and runs off into the background trying to "swat" it.

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Kamen Rider Fourze has the Hammer Switch, which makes a rather small hammer on his left hand. Still effective, however.

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Kamen Rider Ghost has the Gan Gun Saber , which can become a hammer when it combines with the Spider Lantern; though he can use it whenever he wishes, it tends to be used as the Weapon of Choice for Benkei Soul. Kamen Rider Ex-Aid has the Gashacon Breaker, which can swap between mallet and sword modes; since he's themed after Platform Games , it's almost certainly an Homage to Mario. A standard way of interrupting sketches on Monty Python's Flying Circus was smashing characters with a giant hammer.

This would replace the Knight with a Chicken and the Ton Weight in series 3. Buffy the Vampire Slayer , season five. The magical troll hammer that even Spike has trouble lifting.

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Buffy can swing it like a ten pound maul. And does so, repeatedly, on Glory in the finale. Also, at the start of season 2, vampires have exhumed The Master's skeleton as part of a ritual that involves messing with Buffy's mind , a sledgehammer that was wielded by one of the vampires she slew presents a perfect opportunity for her to work out her remaining issues while making him Deader Than Dead. Not quite! In the comic it's shown that he's actually been alive again for quite a while.

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  • Dexter 's fourth season features the Trinity Killer, who finishes out a cycle of ritual murders by bludgeoning a father to death with the claw end of a framing hammer. Top Gear : While he has never used it in battle, per se, Jeremy Clarkson's tool of choice during a challenge is, has been, and always will be a hammer. Game of Thrones : Robert Baratheon is mentioned as having wielded a warhammer in battle.

    This trait seems to have passed on to Gendry, his illegitimate son, who likewise wields a blacksmith's hammer to crack the skulls of some Goldcloaks. As of Season 7, when he joins Jon Snow, he wields a warhammer eerily resembling his father's, which he forged himself, with no small skill. Shame he loses it after one episode.

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    Jon Snow wields a blacksmith's hammer in desperation when his sword Longclaw is knocked away during the Battle of Castle Black. In Spartacus: War of the Damned , Lugo favors a large war hammer. Making a warhammer is one episode's final challenge in Forged In Fire. Daredevil : Wilson Fisk kills his abusive father by striking him repeatedly over the back of the head with a hammer. Hammer time! Alright, with the exception of the singer, there are no actual hammers in the song. Let's just get the joke out of the way.

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    Steamhammer Sam, who'd have guessed you'd be an unhappy man? He wields a silver hammer that goes "bang bang" and then "clang clang" when it comes down upon his victim's head. You can't drop the hammer without mentioning the mighty HammerFall.


    Suffice to say, the guys love hammers. And One's "Metalhammer" We're just waiting for the hammer to fall. The Hammer of Thor too, and probably a few other songs. Heri has said "we have a lot of songs about hammers. Cannibal Corpse 's "Hammer Smashed Face". Last thing you'll hear is the blast when the hammer drops.

    The "Steel-drivin' Man" John Henry, who faces off against a steam drill using nothing but a hammer. The legend of John Henry may or may not have been inspired by legends passed down from former slaves about Makoma, a West African mythic hero who used an iron sledgehammer to fight giant monsters.

    Probably best known in the Northern hemisphere for his legend being adapted as a Hellboy comic. The Finnish sky-god, Ukko, wielded a hammer called "Ukonvasara". Jylliana from Jemjammer wields a large hammer in battle. Note that she's the party's cleric. Merle of The Adventure Zone: Balance wields a warhammer. Tempered Steel from Fallout Is Dragons wields a lightning hammer.