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Learn More Dismiss Alert. For a more leisurely look at Moscow, join this comprehensive, one-night adventure.

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Day One Begin your two-day Moscow experience with a motor coach transfer to the St. Petersburg train station accompanied by your Crystal escort and a local guide. Here, board a Sapsan high-speed train for the approximate four-hour train ride into Moscow. Enjoy your business class train car and included hot breakfast while reaching the speed as high as miles per hour as you travel through the Russian countryside. On arrival at the Moscow train station, you are met by a knowledgeable local guide, who will escort you to a five-star Moscow hotel in the very center of town. The square has been at the center of many important historical and political events, including religious processions, public executions, Soviet parades and the dramatic fireworks display of May 9, The square is dominated by the Kremlin and the nearby Lenin Mausoleum.

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The multi-domed Church of St. Basil the Blessed stands on the south side of the square, while the State History Museum, the largest museum of Russian history in the world, stands on the north. The east side of the square is bordered by the building of GUM, the largest department store in the country. Enjoy lunch at one of the best Moscow restaurants located near the Red Square. It is an area beyond the Moskva River opposite the Kremlin. It is one of the most famous museums in Russia housing a collection of Russian art that traces the development of Russian culture from the 11th through the 20th centuries.

After this tour, return to your hotel.

Relax and enjoy some time at leisure before departing for an evening of optional entertainment at a local theatre or concert hall, where you will witness a show of ballet, circus theatrics or folklore, depending on availability. Dinner will be offered at your hotel upon return from the performance. Day Two After breakfast at the hotel, check out and begin your second day of Moscow discoveries.

First, you will visit one of the most beautiful churches in the world, the Cathedral of Christ the Savior. Fortunately, the church has been recently rebuilt. Your guide will also take you to Sparrow Hill, an observation platform on the steep bank of the Moscow River that affords panoramic views of the city. Numerous other sights are yours to discover today.

One of your more memorable experiences is sure to be your ride on the famous Moscow underground railway, called the Metro.

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City residents are justifiably proud of their metro system. In addition to being an efficient and reliable means of public transportation, the Metro is also a kind of museum, with many stations richly decorated with mosaics, crystal chandeliers, and marble columns and walls. Another measure prohibited the carrying of hand lanterns from May through August to prevent fires. A total of street lamps were installed in Moscow in By their number had increased to 3, and by to 6, In keeping with the seasonally changed lighting calendar, they were lit for no more than 18 nights a month from August through May.

Central Moscow Archive. In the landmark year , the Municipal Public Board launched the first-ever street lighting reforms after the termination of the mineral oil lighting contract. The first applications for gas and other lighting improvement options were submitted to City Hall as early as All those projects were doomed from the start; either their implementation was unaffordable or the applicant companies had gone bankrupt by the time their project was accepted.

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The contract drawn by the applicants entitled them to exclusive rights to equip the city centre with gas lamps for a year term. The company also promised to build a gas plant outside Moscow, lay the piping, install 2, lamps and subsequently service them. Gas lighting was to appear in the Gorodskaya [Kitai-gorod], Tverskaya, Myasnitskaya, Prechistenka, Arbat, Sretenka and Yauza neighbourhoods within 10 years — a vast area within the present-day Garden Ring. Every lamp was to be lit for no less than 2, hours a year.

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After debates on the project, the City Council determined to place announcements in Russian and foreign magazines inviting potential contractors to tender for the installation of gas lighting in Moscow. The lighting contract stipulated that every lamp be lit 24 nights a month, from August through May. The application of Moscow Condensed Gas Bag Company was turned down as Bouquier and Goldsmith reported, via their partners Leslie and Shilovsky, their intention to lay gas pipes far outside the initially appointed area. By there were some 3, gas lamps lighting the streets of Moscow, while the overall number of lamps reached 9, Other options being discussed and considered envisaged the use of American mineral oil and a liquid pure alcohol-turpentine blend from the Zotov merchants and photogen from merchant Rosen and Moscow Condensed Gas Bag Company.

Gas lighting lost its innovative status fairly soon. In March , the Moscow Administrative Board Uprava discussed the feasibility of installing electric lighting on the embankment along the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour. An offer to install Yablochkov candles in the city came a month later. Renowned inventor Pavel Yablochkov, a living legend in the West, applied for a land plot between the Kitai-gorod Wall and the Chelyshev public baths on the site of the present-day Metropol Hotel where he intended to build a power station.

The engineer wanted to rent the plot for 12 years and ventured to light Teatralnaya Square with six electric lamps replacing 28 gas brackets and a part of Voskresenskaya Square with four electric lamps instead of 30 gas brackets. The municipal authorities granted his request. Naval electrical engineer Yevgeny Tveritinov and a team of sailors and cadets took on and completed the huge job of building a temporary power station on Sofiiskaya Embankment, stretching telephone wiring across the Moskva River, and installing 3, Edison lamps on the Ivan the Great Bell Tower and 18 large and small floodlights on the Kremlin towers.

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The illumination of the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour was timed with the coronation of the Emperor. On moonlit nights, there is no lighting at all or only specific localities are lit.

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Three years later, when the first electric generator was brought to Moscow by Schuckert Co, the number of lamps was increased round the cathedral, likewise lamps were installed all along the Bolshoi Kamenny Bridge. Companies and private persons continued to shower City Hall with proposals to install electric street lighting.

In , the Moscow Lighting Commission received two landmark proposals: The first from the 1 st Russian Electric Machine Plant, which described the benefits of hydropower generation and incandescent lamps; and a second from the Electric Lighting Society ELS , whose bid eventually won. In a general contract was signed with the Electric Lighting Society to terminate on 23 September In addition a private contract, for a term of seven years envisaged the installation of electric lights in Tverskaya Street.

The society started installing lampposts immediately, with the first 99 street lamps appearing on 1 May

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