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Friday, July 22, It takes over 39, gallons of water to make one of these.

Thursday, July, 07, 8 out of 10 Teenager admit to having one of theses. Tuesday, July 05, 26 percent of people said they have fallin to sleep here at work. Thursday, June 30, Thirty places in the U. Tuesday June 21, 20 million people wear these. Thursday, June 09, 4 out of 5 have this stolen at work. Monday, June 06, Every home has one or two. The first one ran on gas.

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Friday May 27 Memorial Day weekend is the third biggest grilling occasion of the year behind. Tuesday, May 17, A family will buy a new one of these every 50 days. Monday, May 16, Every year 2 million people in the U. Tuesday, May 10, Heart Disease is the number one cause of death followed by cancer. Friday, May 06, Medical survey says of people are injured by these each year. Thursday, April 28, 8 out of ten swimsuits in the U. Monday, April 25, What is the 1 honeymoon destination?

Friday , April 22, The number one thing teens say distracts them the most while driving. Thursday, April 21, There are more of theses in New Mexico then any other state. Tuesday, April 19, We use around 80 pounds of this a day. Monday, April 18, 25 years ago this was not a popular clothing item for women to wear, now it is. Tuesday, April 12, Minnesota is the state with the most of these per capita.

Monday, April 11, of these are left on NYC subways each year. Monday, April 04, On the avg.

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Friday, March 25, The temperature is the No. Thursday, March24, Over half of women surveyed say you should have four dates before you do this. Friday , March 04, This happens five years sooner then 40 years ago. Thursday, March 03, Most popular pizza topping is pepperoni, What is the least popular. Friday, February 26, According to a survey, this is the number one phrase a woman does not want to hear. Tuesday, February 16, 10 years ago, virtually everyone did this.

Monday, February 15, A new study found that when a team loses the super bowl, their city sees a huge increase in these. How good they were at sports in school Repeat!

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Who are they? Monday, February 01, Women do this more than men do during their daily commute to work. Friday, January 29, According to research, Wednesday is the biggest day for people to do what? Wednesday, January 20, How old was Brad Paisley the first time he appeared on stage Over 19, people have injured themselves doing this.

Nick another name for Santa Claus. Tuesday, December 08, In a survey of the top restaurant chains, have kids menus. Monday, December 07, For what American city is the band Chicago named? Thursday , December 03, Mystery Voice. Monday, November 30, The average person spends 26 minutes doing this during the holiday season. Friday, October 23, The average one of these stocks 40, products.

Monday, October 19, The average woman does this between 30 and 64 times a year while the average man does this six times a year. Friday October , 16, What animal will not sink in quicksand. Thursday, October 15, The first male in this profession started in ; the first female in this profession started in Tuesday, October 13, Chances are, if today is an average day for you, you will do this more than 20 times today.

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Monday, October 12, Three out of four Facebook users admit they have blocked a friend because of this. Tuesday, September 29, Nine out of 10 of us have one of these in our wardrobe. Monday, September 21, Electronics were the most common items left behind in hotel rooms last year. What were number two? Friday, September 18, Men burn 1, calories doing this.

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Where is it? Monday, August 31, Largest distributor of toys in the world. The weather. This was the number one answer.

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They have some cool stuff that should be sitting in your room, or wrapped like a present for a friend. Sep 08, Krisanne Stewart rated it it was amazing. Oh my. I normally can't read these kinds of books because they destroy me. I can't remember how this book ended up in my To-Read pile, but there it was. And maybe because choosing the first book of the year is so important for me to set a high standard for my students, or maybe because so many of my students were being brave with their first choice that I chose this one.

I am forever changed by my choice. Lopez Lomong is not the only Lost Boy who was once lost and found, nor is he the only Lost Boy to write about it. He did, however, manage to capture the joy and love for this this country, and for the incredible educational opportunities we provide children of all races. Rob and Barbara Rogers took him into their home and gave him life. They saved him. And I am humbled by "knowing" them. Lopepe's story is inspirational and motivating and uplifting and just plain tear-jerking. But it is his love and admiration for his education that will stay with me forever.

Feb 01, ErinJ rated it really liked it. This was an excellent open your eyeballs and see how fortunate you are kind of book. I loved his attitude and perseverance and appreciation and work ethic. It just makes you wonder if there is something defective about Americans and other first world-ers that we have to gripe and moan about everything.

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Oh yeah. There is. And keeping up with the joneses I wish we could all smile so easily. And get along. And contribute. And take pride in whatever task or job we have.

And have a This was an excellent open your eyeballs and see how fortunate you are kind of book. And have a sense of patriotism. This country could do with a lot more big dreamers. Sep 12, Michell8 rated it it was amazing. The beginning of this book was so heart-wrenching and hit so close to home as Lopez was about the same age as my boys when he was kidnapped that I didn't think I could get through it. But I am so glad I pushed through. There is so much joy and hope within as well.

His adoptive parents are absolutely amazing human beings. What a lucky boy. I think in huge part his success is owed to them.