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You know, this is calling it for what it is. It was cleaner than I expected. And it was fast. Five bullets directly to the heart. He moved a little bit. And to some degree that bothers me. And that seemed to carry on for the last 60 to seconds. The Supreme Court actually approved the firing squad in And the people who are part of the firing squad are actually volunteers. I know the last death penalty they had hundreds.

Nobody's forced to do it. They kind of see it as their civic duty, uh, you know to help carry these out. KEN: The sound of freedom is going on. That's an F from Hill Air Force to a bombing range We agreed not to use his last name.

The Eighth Amendment

Those old cottonwood trees, they'd set up and that's where they would drill the firing squad at. Two, they just had moral clarity. Just, they-- Many of them did not want to be on there but once they were called, they felt obligated to see it through. KAREN: Ken told me that on execution days, his dad and the other shooters, they would sit down together at the kitchen table. KEN: She'd make coffee, and she would do scones, or biscuits and gravy, and she wanted those men to know that it wasn't easy, and that she appreciated them.

I know there was a lot of prayerful times around the house and those men were over getting ready.

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I know that-- it was a pretty solemn moment-- I Is it for the person being executed, the victim, what's the prayer? KEN: I think you have to pray for strength to follow through on what you have to do. I think that, you know, you might need a little guidance, and you might need a little understanding, and something bigger than you is out there. I attended an execution in Florida of Bennie Demps. And I also was with my father-in-law when he was in a hospice dying from an incurable and very painful cancer.

And the death scene in both situations was bizarrely similar.

The Origin and Early Application of the Ban

In both cases, the person dying was lying on a gurney with an IV coming out of his arm, wrapped in white sheets, medical technicians at his side, surrounded by loved ones. And it struck me as bizarre that we are killing those whom we love in a fashion that so nearly resembles how we are killing those we rightfully detest. There should be no resemblance. This is punishment.

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  7. So the firing squad is honest. And it acknowledges itself for what it is. I have one objection to the traditional firing squad that Utah uses. Nobody should have a blank. JAD: Now when Breyer said that in he was in the dissent, lost the case. But a lot of people saw this as an invitation, like Breyer is saying to the lawyers of America send us cases.

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    In fact some of those cases have just started to arrive. Two days ago a case made it in front of the court. Or, almost made it. JAD: Clearly more cases are on the way. Because now any states that want to keep doing it, they essentially have to go underground to do get those drugs. NYPR Network.

    Cruel & Unusual

    More Perfect. Listen For Free Support Us. JAD: That is true. JAD: Post college flail? JAD: Are they like just a bunch of lawyers, or what do they do? This was JAD: So wait why do they want to find this supplier, like why does that help them? JAD: Ah. They send it back to the States. JAD: Oh I see.

    Cruel And Unusual

    JAD: What was it? JAD: Dream Pharma.

    See a Problem?

    JAD: Huh. JAD: Ok. For example, it would be cruel and unusual to impose a life sentence for a parking violation, but not for murder. If it fell out of usage for multiple generations, however, it might become cruel and unusual. This has already occurred with respect to some once-traditional applications of the death penalty. It is no longer constitutional to execute a person for theft, for example, because this punishment fell out of usage for this crime a long time ago, and the punishments that have replaced it are far less severe.

    If a court were to find that their effect is significantly harsher than the longstanding punishment practices they have replaced, it could appropriately find them cruel and unusual. Burr lost the election, and he blamed Hamilton, so he challenged Hamilton to a duel. Dueling continued in the United States until the midth century. Burr was never prosecuted for the murder of Hamilton. Today, dueling is deemed unconscionable.

    Cruel and Unusual Punishment under the Eighth Amendment

    No American leader could credibly support dueling as an acceptable method for resolving conflicts. It is hard for us now to understand how the Framers of our Constitution could embrace such a misguided and barbaric practice. To become a great country, America needs its laws and basic constitutional principles to evolve as our understanding of human capacity and behavior deepens.

    The greatness of our Constitution and America itself is dependent on how the Constitution is interpreted to ensure that all people are treated equally and fairly and have the same opportunity to exercise the rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness as the exclusive group of men who authored the Constitution. As our notions of fairness, equality, and justice have evolved, so too must our interpretation of the Constitution.


    No provision of the Constitution enshrines this principle more clearly than the Eighth Amendment. This approach begs complex questions, such as who decides what is decent and what is cruel? Throughout its history, the Court has ruled that certain practices are unconstitutional or indecent even when such practices were popular.