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Combine your analog CCTV camera system with network video encoders and acquire all the functionality and benefits that digital technology offers:.

Below is a simplified schematic of an analog system: Highlights of Analog Systems: Analog CCD Cameras perform well across a variety of lighting conditions and manage motion well. Analog cameras allow us to use legacy cabling in existing structures. Surprisingly, coaxial wires are still very relevant. Cable, satellite and security companies continue using coaxial cables mainly because of their low video noise level. Analog video traffic is not subject to networking issues or risks and require little to no network knowledge just power, point, and focus.

With no bandwidth requirement, Analog systems are exponentially scalable with minimal network concerns. Less maintenance—no IP traffic management, no programming, software, IT skills, etc. IP Video Surveillance Network Your Cameras, Wirelessly For the security manager, the shift to network video creates new opportunities for digital technology to deliver maximum value. Below is a simplified schematic of an analog system: Highlights of IP Surveillance: The technology used in IP Cameras allow manufacturers to provide higher megapixel sensors that utilize higher quality lenses resulting in sharper and more color balanced picture quality.

Superior quality gives you the ability to identify people and objects like never before.

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True enterprise solution: The scalability and flexibility of the IP system allows for any number of cameras from any number of locations that can all be recorded and viewed from anywhere. This creates added security by eliminating a single point of failure. Print usage P-EL.

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Sell the rights SR-EL 1. Sell the rights SR-EL 3. Sell the rights SR-EL. We accept all major credit cards from India. Designers also selected these stock photos. Code of security alarm system Home security banner set Security alarm keypad with person disarming the system Touchscreen smartphone with security alarm on the screen Home security interactive flat banners set Blue CCTV and surveillance camera vector banner Door access control Cctv is checking information about citizen in surveillance security system, social credit system concept. The good and the bad side of surveillance concept.

More similar stock images. Even the best analogue cameras cannot deliver the image quality of digital cameras.

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  8. At Tecsec, our IP security cameras have a minimum of 1. This is almost three times the average resolution of the best analogue cameras, making it easier to see details such as license plates and identify physical features of intruders.


    The hassle of wiring is minimised when it comes to using digital camera surveillance. IP cameras only need to be wired to a network switch or wireless network which will transfer the signals to the NVR. This way you can install more cameras without being limited by the number of ports available on your digital video recorder DVR. IP cameras powered through a Power Over Ethernet PoE capable network switch removes the need for a separate power source. Installation of digital CCTV systems can be much more straight forward for these reasons.

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    Digital transmissions are not disrupted by other analogue wireless devices. The majority of digital CCTV systems have in-built encryption, ensuring unauthorised access to your video recordings is prevented. The data is also usually backed up on a redundant array of independent disks RAID system which provides back up hard drives in case one fails. Typically, digital cameras cover areas up to three times more than analogue cameras.

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    They are also more likely to have a zoom function without becoming too grainy. This means the higher unit price of installing digital cameras may be balanced out by not needing as many cameras to cover your entire business. The remote access IP cameras gives people peace of mind while on holiday or working abroad.

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    Digital cameras provide more video analytics than analogue cameras, including the ability to flag unusual motion and send alerts to the owner.