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Maggie and the Unicorn. Apocalypse Taco.

My Bedtime Story Bible

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My Bedtime Bible Stories (20×8′)

Stamped with a "Parental Advisory" warning, this wonderfully illustrated compilation contains actual scripture and anecdotal musings about how misguided Christians ignore the horrible truth that the Bible is filled with unspeakable acts of violence and hate that are supposedly God's will. Bedtime Bible Stories - Explicit! It's a game in which they act as both the bully and the victim.

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What's worse is that these Christian activists play a role in electing government officials that perpetuate their hateful and prejudiced views and pass laws that discriminate against those whom they have judged as inferior. Through this process of cherry picking passages they justify their hatred and condemnation of any group they see as unworthy or not following their beliefs. This book will open the eyes of both believers and non-believers alike to the terrible truth about this so called holy book.

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Why did Abraham leave his comfortable home to spend the rest of his life living in tents? How can he know whether they have really changed from the time that they sold him as a slave? His mother finds a way around the law that all Israelite baby boys should be killed.

Using a series of miracles, God tells Moses that the time has come for Moses to lead the Israelites out of Egypt. God brought 10 calamities on Egypt, all because the Egyptian ruler Pharaoh stubbornly refused to let the Israelites go. Ten of the spies say one thing, but two of them say another. Who do the Israelites believe? They trick Joshua and the Israelites into making a promise, but the Israelites keep their promise. At first chosen by God and later rejected by him, Saul can teach us a valuable lesson.

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  • David fought Goliath, not merely with his sling, but with a far more powerful weapon. Saul was at first pleased with David, but developed murderous jealousy toward him. David proves that he is qualified to be king of Israel by both what he does and what he refuses to do.

    Bedtime Bible Stories (Hardcover)

    Jeremiah thought he was too young to be a prophet, but God knew that he could do it. King Cyrus of Persia fulfilled one prophecy when he captured Babylon, and now he fulfills another.

    Queen Vashti was beautiful, but King Ahasuerus still replaced her with Esther as his new queen. While rebuilding the wall, the workers must keep their swords and spears ready both day and night.