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Enabling JavaScript in your browser will allow you to experience all the features of our site. Learn how to enable JavaScript on your browser. She shows how to adorn one's life with contentment and anchor one's days with joy. Each chapter ends with a personal story of how God brought contentment to people like a next door neighbor, coworker, grandfather, aunt, or sister.

Designed as a study book for individuals and small groups, especially women's Bible study groups. A Still and Quiet Soul uses Bible stories, personal anecdotes from the author, and testimonies from ordinary Christians to help the reader identify with the challenge of being content in feast or famine. See All Customer Reviews.

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Shop Books. Add to Wishlist. How great then is this sin of impatience! And how excellent is contentation, which is a counterpoise against this sin?

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The contented Christian believing that God doth all in love, is patient, and hath not one word to say, unless to justify God. That is the sin that contentation prevents. The murmurer chargeth God with folly: The murmurer is a mutineer. The Israelites are called in the same text murmurers and rebels: Thou that art a murmurer art in the account of God as a witch, a sorcerer, as one that deals with the devil: Murmuring oft ends in cursing: O then how excellent is contentation, which prevents this sin! To be contented, and yet murmur is a solecism: Herein appears the excellency of contentation; it is a spiritual antidote against sin.

Contentment prevents many temptations; discontent is a devil that is always tempting. It puts a man upon indirect means. He that is poor and discontented, will attempt any thing; he will go to the devil for riches; he that is proud and discontented, will hang himself, as Ahithophel did when his counsel was rejected.

Satan takes great advantage of discontent; he loves to fish in these troubled waters. How easily can the devil by his logic dispute a discontented Christian into sin? Contentment is a shield against tentation; for he that is contented, knows as well how to want as to abound.

The Art of Savoring Life

He will not sin to get a living; though the bill of fare grows short, he is content. Discontent tempts a man to atheism and apostacy.

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This is a sore tentation, and oft it prevails; atheism is the fruit that grows out of the blossom of discontent. O then, behold the excellency of contentment! It doth repel this tentation. Contentment sweetens every condition. Christ turned the water into wine; so contentment turns the waters of Marah into spiritual wine.

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  • Have I but little? This little I have is with a good conscience; it is not stolen waters; guilt hath not muddied or poisoned it; it runs pure. This little is a pledge of more: Do I meet with some crosses? Hath God taken away my comforts from me? Thus contentment, as a honey-comb, drops sweetness into every condition. Discontent is a leaven that sours every comfort; it puts aloes and wormwood upon the breast of the creature; it lessens every mercy, it trebles every cross; but the contented spirit sucks sweetness from every flower of providence; it can make a treacle of poison.

    Contentation is full of consolation. He wants you to be content. Ann Babcock rated it liked it Mar 07, When he comes there, it is true he had a promise, but he found nothing to answer expectation; he had not there one foot of land, but was an exile. Thy soul is exercised and enamelled with the graces of the Spirit, and is not here enough to give contentment? Afflictions teach us humility.

    A Still and Quiet Soul: Embracing Contentment

    Dost thou disburse thy money for public uses? Let the providence of God be never so dark or bloody, contentment doth construe them ever in the best sense. What if God melts away the creature from it? God is wise; he hath done this either to prevent some sin or to exercise some grace. What a blessed frame of heart is this! A contented Christian is an advocate for God against unbelief and impatience: God is about to undo me: A Christian hath that which may make him content.

    Hath not God given thee Christ? Screw up your thoughts to the highest pinnacle, stretch them to the utmost period, let them expatiate to their full latitude and extent; yet they fall infinitely short of these ineffable and inexhaustable treasures which are locked up in Jesus Christ; and is not here enough to give the soul content? Grace is of a divine birth, it is the new plantation, it is the flower of the heavenly paradise, it is the embroidery of the Spirit, it is the seed of God, 1 Jno.

    O, of what infinite value is grace!

    A soul beautified with grace, is like a room richly hung with arras, or tapestry, or the firmament bespangled with glittering stars. Earthly riches, saith Augustine, are full of poverty; so indeed they are, for, they cannot enrich the soul: A believer is rich towards God: What if he doth not give thee the box, if he gives thee the jewel?

    What if the water in the bottle be spent? The Lord is my portion, saith David, Ps. Hast thou not a reversion of heaven? When thou lettest go thy hold of natural life, art thou not sure of eternal life? Hath not God given thee the earnest and first fruits of glory? Is not here enough to work the heart to contentment?

    A Still & Quiet Soul: Embracing Contentment | ACU Press & Leafwood Publishers

    Be content, for else we confute our own prayers. Because now God hath his end, and Satan misseth of his end.

    A Still & Quiet Soul: Embracing Contentment

    God hath his end. Satan misseth of his end. He hoped to bring Job into a fit of discontent; and then that he would in a passion break forth against God: It is not so much the hurting our body, as the molesting our mind, that he aims at; he would imprison our contentment, and disturb the regular motion of our souls, this is his design. It is not so much the putting us into a prison, as the putting us into a passion, that he attempts; but by holy contentation, Satan loseth his prey, he misseth of his end. The devil hath often deceived us; the best way to deceive him, is by contentation in the midst of temptation; our contentment will discontent Satan.

    O, let us not gratify our enemy! Repentance is the joy of the angels, and discontent is the joy of the devils; as the devil danceth at discord, so he sings at discontent.

    The Contented Soul

    The fire of our passions makes the devil a bonfire; it is a kind of heaven to him to see us torturing ourselves with our own troubles; but by holy contentment, we frustrate him of his purpose, and do as it were put him out of countenance. By contentment a Christian gains a victory over himself. For a man to be able to rule his own spirit, this of all others is the most noble conquest. Passion denotes weakness; to be discontented is suitable to flesh and blood; but to be in every state content, reproached, yet content, imprisoned, yet content; this is above nature; this is some of that holy valour and chivalry which only a divine spirit is able to infuse.