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Rather, speak of how good things and other people have been for you. This will allow you to realize the abundance around you. The universe and everyone in it is your advocate. Grateful motions include smiling, saying thank you, and writing letters of gratitude. When you do these things, you trigger the emotion of gratitude in your life. Say thank you more often. Say you love people more often. Smile at random strangers as you pass them by. Not only will it make you feel better, it is contagious. People are mirrors.

They'll feel good and smile back. This will create a change reaction of positivity throughout the world. The ripple effects are endless. Emmons recommends creatively looking for new situations and things to be grateful for. What in your life have you not spent time being grateful for? What could you include in your life that will generate an inflow of gratitude? Mix it up. Don't think gratitude can only come from a narrow set of sources.

This may be strange, but if you tell your friends and family you love them, they'll be blown away. I once knew a Polynesian missionary who told everyone he loved them. It was clear he was sincere. I asked him why he did it. What he told me changed my life. Simply by saying the words, I feel more love for that person.

I've been telling people all around me I love them. They feel treasured by me. Those who know me have come to expect it. When I forget to say it, they miss it.

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Said author Harriet Beecher Stowe, "The bitterest tears shed over graves are for words left unsaid and deeds left undone. As my wife, Lauren, tells our children daily, "The secret to happiness is to make everyone around you happy. Most people's hobbies are just hobbies. It's good to have an escape from reality. However, research has found that a person can experience leisure in anything.

When I decided where I wanted my life to go, my life vision, I consciously chose hobbies that would best get me there.

Some of these hobbies include exercise, reading, writing, journaling, having deep and meaningful conversations, and being in nature. These hobbies refresh and rejuvenate me while simultaneously pushing me toward my dreams. Happiness comes from embracing the now.

12 Steps to Happiness

Not letting those moments pass you by. Greg McKeown, author of Essentialism, tells of the story of missing his child being born to be at an "important meeting. He thought the potential client would be impressed with his commitment to work. Instead, they saw his decision to miss such a monumental moment as a flaw in character.

That moment was a turning point for Greg. In fact, it spurred him to change everything about his life.

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He now removes everything from his life that is not vital and essential. Nothing in life is permanent. Kids grow up. Friends move away.

10 Simple Steps to a Happier You | SUCCESS

Our loved ones pass on from this life. Let's live in the present and appreciate the most important things in our lives before it's too late.

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  • The future value of time is far less than the present value. Yet, people "defer" happiness to someday in the future. In so doing, they forfeit experiencing the moment and being happiness now. You must find joy in the journey, because there really isn't a destination.

    Goals are means, not ends. Progress is eternal. The process is everything. Happy people step out of their comfort zone. You can't grow if you don't challenge yourself. And growth is a requirement of happiness. If you're not growing, you're slowly decaying and dying. When you do things way outside your comfort zone, you naturally raise your conscious level. When you do things that involve high risk, and high probability of failure, you are forced to think differently than you normally do. You are forced to be creative and innovative. Sadly, most people play life small, safe, and easy. The goals they pursue are logical.

    There is little element of risk and little requirement for faith. Consequently, you should take bigger risks in your life. Do things that make you feel alive and activate flow. Of course, with this will come more failures. But if you're not failing, you're not growing. Rather than experiencing apathy in life, you'll experience more of a roller-coaster of emotions. We can never appreciate joy if we've never felt sorrow. The more pain and fear we feel, the more we can comprehend and appreciate joy and happiness.

    10 Steps To True Happiness

    Stephen Covey says that most people spend their time on urgent but unimportant things. We wake up and immediately check our email. Thus, we put our lives on reactive, rather than proactive mode. After all, email is simply a database of other people's agendas. The world does not owe you a living. The protagonist said these same words, in that final moment of realization before he died, and well it just struck a chord in me.

    Step 1: Get Happy Yourself

    Share your happiness with the people you value the most in your life. Now this is a very bohemian concept. I mean do something new. Take a class in something you never thought you would do. Learn Italian. Go on a mountaineering expedition.

    10 Steps to Happiness

    Take up skydiving. Do a pancake tour of North America. Kiss a stranger consent necessary. Go wild on living. Love is one of them.

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